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The Corporate Consulting Training Series

Are you interested in booking training, coaching, speaking, course licensing, and/or service with corporations? This free training series will teach you how (step-by-step).
These are live training sessions on Fridays at 1 pm Eastern Standard Time for the next four weeks. We start on Friday, April 26th.
In the training series, I’ll cover:
  • What foundation and credibility do you need to book five & six-figure corporate consulting contracts.
  • How to book your first corporate consulting gig within a month.
  • How to find corporate gigs and open (bookable) corporate contracts.
  • Who to contact at corporations (the decision makers who have buying authority).
  • What your corporate pitches should say.
  • The A to Zs of corporate outreach: how to book corporate gigs consistently using a proven system.
  • How to manage corporate discovery calls and proposal meetings.
  • How to create as many as 21 revenue streams in corporations.
  • And I’ll answer your questions about corporate consulting.
Those who’ve attended my previous sessions will tell you I don’t offer high-level fluff training; I’m the nuts-and-bolts trainer. You’ll walk away with the exact steps to book corporate consulting contracts and strategies you can use immediately.
The training sessions are on:
  • Friday, April 26th
  • Friday, May 3rd
  • Friday, May 10th
  • Friday, May 17th
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