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Paid to Publish Masterclass

Learn how to get published in large publications such as Business Insider, Forbes, Insider, Fortune, AskMen, Women’s and Men’s Health, Oprah Daily, Inc. Magazine, and MANY others WITHOUT a website, and be paid for your articles.

Paid to Publish Mastermind

Join the leading mastermind to get yourself Paid & Published in the world’s largest media outlets. You don’t need a journalism degree to get published in the biggest media outlets in the world. All you need is a good idea that an editor thinks their readers would want to read.

Corporate Consulting Mastermind

Learn how to book corporate consulting gigs, executive coaching, motivational speaking, license your online courses (per employee, per yer), book ongoing training, and create revenue streams with corporations that have billions budgeted for experts just like you.

PR Pitches

Want to be Booked on Podcasts, Publications, and Media? Let PR Pitches Do the Work For You. PR Pitches connects you directly to large publication editors, journalists, contributors, columnists, and podcasters to help you get unlimited PR on Demand, make more money, and create a global impact.