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Corporate Consulting Mastermind Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Table of Contents

Mastermind FAQ

What is the Corporate Consulting Mastermind?

The Corporate Consulting Mastermind is a program designed to teach individuals how to book corporate consulting gigs, executive coaching, motivational speaking, and other revenue streams with corporations. It offers live training sessions, a member portal, done-for-you pitching, custom pitch templates, skills training, and access to a vast database of corporations and decision-makers.

Is there a long-term commitment required?

No, the membership rate is monthly, and members can quit anytime. There’s no long-term commitment required to join.

Who is the instructor for the Mastermind?

The instructor is Kimanzi Constable, an author, and consultant who has written for numerous publications and consulted for major corporations. He has made over a million dollars consulting corporations and has helped clients book over four million dollars in corporate revenue streams.

When are your office hours?

We don’t have “office hours.” We have our weekly sessions, we have co-working sessions, and we have accountability groups. For questions, there’s the Q&A thread in the group, and this form if you can’t make it to the live calls.

What resources and tools will I get access to as a member?

Members get access to weekly live training sessions, a member portal with recorded sessions, done-for-you pitching services, custom pitch templates, skills training, a database with over 15 million corporations, resources such as corporate contracts and templates, guest expert training, and a private community for networking and support.

Where do I find the recording of the training and other Mastermind information? 

The documents, resources, website reviews, LinkedIn reviews, and all training videos can be found at

Do I get additional support if I get stuck or don’t know how to use a tool or template?

Of course, you do. Please email our team at should you run into any trouble. We also have our weekly calls where we can answer questions live. Or you can post to our questions thread in the group or attend a hot seat session to get a response from one of our dedicated team members.

Do we receive lifelong access to the training, or is it only accessible with an active monthly subscription?

Access to the training is contingent upon maintaining an active monthly subscription.

Is there a guarantee for the Mastermind?

While there’s no guarantee that members will book a corporate consulting gig, a 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered.

What if I have questions about the Mastermind?

If you have questions about the Mastermind, you can email the team at

How do I use the corporate database?

There is a video in your member’s portal that shows you how to use our corporate database, Find and Send.

Do you provide the contacts for the leads posts Kimanzi posts about?

In this program, we teach you how to find those opportunities and find the right contact, and our database will then supply their contact information. We don’t provide direct contacts for each of those lead posts. 

Can I try the Mastermind for one month to see what happens?

No. One month is not enough time for you to see the benefits of this mastermind. It is best suited for those who understand corporate consulting is not a quick process. 


General Consulting FAQ

How should one proceed if this is their first venture into professional consulting?

For those new to professional consulting, it’s essential to immerse oneself in research, continuous learning, and networking to establish a client base. Sharing content regularly helps demonstrate your expertise and showcases the value you can offer.

Do you have experience with corporate wellness programs or other specific programs? How much do companies in the United States typically pay per person per year for these programs?

Our focus is on teaching the principles of securing corporate consulting opportunities. These principles can be applied across various industries and niches. The responsibility of setting up discovery calls and pricing your services lies with you. We guide you on positioning yourself optimally, but the final decisions rest with you.

Should I offer a free assessment or audit to get in the door?

No. The corporate decision maker you’re speaking to isn’t spending their own money, so free won’t impress or move them to want to talk to you. Also, free scream “rookie” to a corporation.

For those residing outside the USA, which liability insurance do you opt for? Is the insurance associated with your LLC, or is it personally linked to you?

This is quite specific to individual situations. It’s recommended to seek legal counsel to understand the liability concerns related to your business. A lawyer can guide you on the best option for your business needs.

How much should I charge per training?

It depends on your topic, but we have a session on pricing and pricing formulas available in the member portal. 

Can I pitch course licensing right away?

No. Offering course licensing to corporations is a better offer after you’ve done training at a corporation. 

How does Kimanzi find the leads he posts?

These leads are found in a variety of ways. The strategies we use to find leads are taught to you in the mastermind. 

Pitching FAQ

When will you start pitching for me?

We don’t pitch in the first 30 days because it takes time to get your campaign set up. However, in month two, you will get all 600 pitches sent out for you. Once you have completed the onboarding steps, we will create your pitch templates and send them to you. Once you approve, we will send a test email for approval; once the test email is approved, we will schedule your pitches to send. Allow for 96 hours after the test email is approved to see the pitches going out in your sent folder.

What happens if all of my pitches don’t go out in the month? Will they roll over to the next month?

Yes, your pitches DO rollover — you won’t lose any pitches. We have to warm up most of your emails anyways, so by month two, we’ll get to the point where we can send 40 pitches a day. You won’t lose any pitches if all of your pitches don’t go out in a given month.

Can I change my pitch templates?

We allow for one change to your pitch templates. Once your change is requested, allow for three weeks to see the changed pitches in your sent folder. We suggest you consider your changes carefully, particularly if those changes substantially depart from the suggested template. Our templates are based on data and best practices. Changing them in significant ways may impact your results. 

Can I make changes to my template myself?

All pitch templates are crafted in collaboration with Kimanzi. These templates have been proven effective over time. You’re free to modify them as you see fit, but remember that if your modified pitch doesn’t yield results, the outcome is your responsibility.

Do I need to change my topic if I’m not getting responses?

This process takes time. If you’ve gone through the process of having your website and LinkedIn profile reviewed and you have clear corporate messaging, it’s a matter of letting the process play out. We adjust who we’re targeting if we see that you’re not getting responses.

Do I need a fancy signature line?

The corporate decision-maker you’re pitching isn’t an entrepreneur and is not impressed by the things that impress entrepreneurs. They won’t care if you have a fancy signature line or not.

What happens if I get a bounce, or someone who says they retired?

We see everything that happens with your pitches. We see all the responses and bounces. We will replace any bounces or when someone says they retired. No need to forward us anything. 

How long does it typically take someone to have a discovery call request or book a gig?

There is no typical timeframe when it comes to corporate consulting. Corporations make decisions to have discovery calls or book a consultant based on whether they think they need the topic that the consultant is offering, the social proof, and credibility of the consultant, how clear and clean the consultant’s LinkedIn profile and corporate training page is set up, how well the consultant articulates themself.

Should I link to my website or LinkedIn in the body of the pitch?

Links in a pitch push emails to spam folders. 

Why do you pitch personal email addresses instead of the executive company email?

98.7% of these pitches are being opened on the executive’s phones. They’re not distinguishing what email address the pitch came to. Of all the discovery calls we’ve successfully gotten for members, 80% were to the decision maker’s personal email address. 

Additionally, corporate spam filters are extremely high to keep headhunters from reaching their emails. It’s hard for your email to break through that. 

How do you choose who you’ll pitch for me?

We choose corporations and decision-makers based on what you do, industry, company size, and company location. 

LinkedIn & Website Review FAQ

What is the standard timeline for website and LinkedIn reviews? I’d like to schedule my tasks accordingly.

Typically, review feedback is provided within 7 to 10 business days after submission.

I’ve forwarded my website to Kimanzi for feedback. Would it be beneficial to also share it in the Facebook group for additional insights?

Sharing your website in the Facebook group can provide a range of feedback and insights. It’s always beneficial to have multiple perspectives on your work.

What if I have two messages and audiences?

We can help you come up with an overall message that covers both groups, or you can create a LinkedIn business page for consulting. 

Should I post video content on LinkedIn?


Discovery & Proposal FAQ

Do you help us with discovery calls?

Yes. We have live discovery call skill training, a mock discovery call in the member’s area, and discovery call scripts. We also have training sessions just on discovery calls. 

Can you help us with proposals?

Yes. We have training sessions on creating corporate proposals, we have live skills training on creating corporate proposals, and we have sample corporate proposals in the member portal. 

Contract FAQ

Do I need to have my lawyer look over every contract I am offered for consulting? Is it worth it?

YES. Every contract you sign should be examined and approved by your attorney to ensure that it contains the terms that you agreed to and that it is fair. 

Can I use pre-designed contract templates for my consulting contracts?

We don’t recommend this. Instead, we recommend that you have your attorney create a contract template that is specific to you, the industry you serve, and the services you offer. 

Are there any recommendations to make securing contracts easier?

We recommend that you follow the program outlined in this mastermind, take advantage of all of the tools and services offered, and TAKE ACTION. Our goal is to get you booked as a corporate consultant, and our entire mastermind is designed toward that end.

Accountability FAQ

What is the CCM Accountability Program? Why do you have it?

The CCM Accountability program is a part of the Client Success division of the Corporate Consulting Mastermind. The goal is the program is to help keep our members on track, completing the tasks necessary to get booked for corporate consulting. We do this by 

What is Discovery call training? How do I sign up for Discover call training? What does it involve?

Conducting a thorough and successful discovery is one of the most important steps in corporate consulting. It is the step in the process where you, as a consultant, do a deep dive into the needs and pain points of the potential client to determine whether you are a good fit for them, if they are a good fit for you, and whether you can help them. The CCM offers training on how to conduct a successful discovery call. You can sign up under the “pinned” posts in the Facebook group or by emailing

What is a hot seat? What do I need to do to get ready for it? How do I sign up? 

Sometimes, our members need a little bit of help figuring things out. A hot seat is a process where you receive one-on-one attention from Kimanzi and the CCM team to help you get “unstuck”. There isn’t much you need to do for your hot seat – just show up with your questions and be open about the things you’re struggling with. You can sign up for a hot seat under the “pinned” posts in the Facebook group or by emailing

What are CCM accountability partners? How do I get one? 

The CCM Accountability Partner program is a peer-to-peer program in which CCM members can support one another in the mastermind. Because it is a peer-to-peer program, the structure of the program is left up to the individual partners. We do, however, recommend meeting at least once per week. You can sign up for an accountability partner under the “pinned” posts in the Facebook group or by emailing